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$2 Billion bond election results

So the bond passed. What to think of this? First: All I have done is compile research and put it out there so that if others wanted to know, it would be available with a google search. I wish that I could have done more, but many of you did take it upon yourselves to spread the word and inform others and organize your own groups around this issue. My heart is full today with gratitude for that. So the bond passed. From the start, for me, this has been an education endeavor. I accomplished my goal. To that end, [...]

Vote AGAINST the $2 billion debt bond on Tuesday

A bond is not free money, it's a debt left to future generations to pay without their consent. If an item is truly important, put it in the budget. Vote AGAINST the Bond! Debt = Taxes. The “Connect NC” bond is a political slush fund that will add $2 BILLION to our state’s debt. Omnibus Spending Bill. If an item is truly important then it should be considered individually and budgeted by legislators, not borrowed against future generations. No accountability, little scrutiny over expenditures. Contains no transportation or k-12 education funding. Political Piggy Bank. Large portions of the bond money [...]

Second Debate: Bob Orr Vs. Nicole Revels

NC Against the Bond vs. Connect NC, PART 2: Former NC Supreme Court Justice Bob Orr, Co-Chair of "Connect NC" committee, vs. Nicole Revels, Director of NC Against the Bond, in a forum moderated by Kelly McCullen of the North Carolina Channel (UNC TV). Watch the segment and leave your thoughts!  

Who is bankrolling “Connect NC” ?

Crony Bond REVEALED! $2 BILLION pay-to-play bond: Where does Connect NC get their millions for promotional marketing materials? Financial disclosure reports are now public on the Board of Elections website and it's just as we suspected: the "Connect NC" campaign is being bankrolled by bond beneficiaries and special interests. Appalachian State University gave "Connect NC" $70,000.00, despite the ASU student government having REJECTED support for the bond! NC A&T gave the "Connect NC" campaign $90,000.00! Community colleges have donated thousands each! Engineering firms and contractors! -NC State University $160,000.00! -UNC Pembroke $23k -UNC Greensboro $105k! -UNC Chapel Hill $34k -UNC [...]

FIRST DEBATE: “Connect NC” vs. NC Against the Bond

FIRST OFFICIAL DEBATE: "Connect NC" vs. NC Against the Bond. Grab some popcorn! "Connect NC" and NC Against the Bond had their first debate over the $2 BILLION debt increase proposal which will be on the March 15 primary election ballot for voters to decide. The moderated forum, held in Pinehurst NC, was hosted by the Moore County Republican Party in conjunction with the Moore TEA Citizens and the Moore County Republican Men & Women's clubs. View the debate below:     The clips of the debate specific to the $2 billion debt bond were compiled into the video above. To view the forum [...]

Debunking the lies: Bond is like a home mortgage?

Bond proponents claim that adopting this bond is equivalent to a household taking on a mortgage to purchase a home. That claim has no merit. The entirety of the $2 billion bond is less than 10% of our state's annual operating budget. There's no logical comparison of this bond & our state budget to the cost of a home to a household budget. If the cost of a home was less than 10% of a household's expense budget for 1 year then the home could be paid for without the need for a mortgage! Further, a mortgage isn't adopted under the reasoning that [...]

“ConnectNC” wants you to pass the bond to find out what’s in it!

Nancy Pelosi tactics on display "ConnectNC" wants you to pass the bond to find out what's in it! A second video from a meeting of the Stanly County Commissioners during their consideration of a pro-"ConnectNC" $2 billion debt increase resolution: It is acknowledged by bond supporters that the multi-million dollar projects of the bond will NOT be made known until AFTER the bond is passed! Vote AGAINST the $2 billion debt increase on your North Carolina election ballot on March 15. A bond is not free money, it's debt with hefty interest left to future generations to pay without their consent. Donate [...]

Debunking the Lies: Commissioners TRICKED by Bond Bait and Switch

Bond proponents are touting the claim that commissioners across the state support their $2 billion bond debt proposal. However; many commissioners were tricked into supporting "Connect NC" under the guise of a transportation funding bill. In the following screenshot, we see Governor McCrory acknowledge that the reason commissioners supported the bond was because of the transportation funding that they thought it would provide: It is important to know that all of the transportation funding was stripped from the bill and replaced with pork barrel spending. I repeat: there is NO transportation funding within the mis-direct NC UNC bond. Zero. Pitt County Commissioners aren't alone [...]

Lack of Scrutiny REVEALED

REVEALED: College presidents have their OWN plans for the bond money. On a recent episode of What Matters w/Chad Adams, a guest caller discloses what she has discovered: some institutions plan to use funds from the bond for their own intents, contrary to what the public is being told about the purpose of the funds. How can this be? Doesn't "Connect NC" designate how funds must be used? Outside of the generic designation of "this many millions" to "this county community college," voters are given very little information on how the funds will be used. Does a particular community college [...]

FLASHBACK: How did that “no tax increase” promise work out last time?

No tax increase? NC bond history proves otherwise.   On Connect.NC.gov, bond proponents begin their pitch with the words, "It's been 15 years since the last general obligation bond was authorized to upgrade our state’s infrastructure..." The site goes on to proclaim that "no tax increases are necessary to finance the bond." A look back at a 2002 "hindsight and foresight" analysis from the Pope Center for Higher Education Policy shows us that the "no tax increase" claim didn't hold up in practice the last time: "The campaign for the higher education bonds in 2000 told North Carolina voters that the bonds [...]