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Residential Feedback

What people are saying about the bond:

"I opposed the bond from the beginning. Removing the transportation items that were the reason for calling it "Connect NC" only made it worse. I oppose all bonds. We have enough debt and certainly don't need to add more for no reasonable purpose. So I voted no in the House, and I urge all of our citizens to vote no when your turn comes." - NC State House Rep. Larry Pittman

"Outrageous! North Carolina doesn't need this kind of big ticket item, especially when the giant price tag makes it impossible to distinguish between money spent on necessary projects versus political favors. Stand against the Bond!" - Michael S., Guilford County

 "Time to end pork barrel politics in Raleigh. " - Brian H., Rowan County

"Every time there is any excess/surplus revenue these big government Republicans spend it. They don't need 2 billion in bonds. They need to act like Republicans instead of a bunch of drunken sailors. " - Marshall B., Pitt County

"This is an outrage. While I appreciate that NC is finally attempting to meet the State Constitutional requirement that all debts be sent to referendum, the issuance of a bond to create a slush fund via the General Fund for political favors is simply unconscionable. Count me as a fervent opponent of this waste and cronyism." - Glen B., Franklin County

"Against a bond of this large amount. $ 2 Billion, then the people of NC will pay over the years. Wait before spending this amount, unknown what additional state spending will be required the next 5-10 years. Consider another alternative or wait until monies are in the state budget for most important needs or requirements!" - Myron S., Carteret County

"Waste of money politicos should not be in charge of that much money. Citizens should be in charge we don't need any more debt. What they will use it for is lining their pocket with it." - Claude P., Rowan County

"As long as they refuse to widen criminally neglected 77 where it is gridlock EVERY day, I will vote no on every bond ever presented." - Heather S., Mecklenburg County

"I stand with ʺNC Against the Bondʺ in opposition to the $2 BILLION political piggy bank loan!" - Betty S., Haywood County

"BOND=DEBT" - Mark G., Craven County

"This Bond is an ʺunnecessary expenseʺ that taxpayers do not need to be burdened with. If the colleges, parks, zoos etc. have not included necessary funds to complete their projects then they need to wait till the next budget session and appropriate the money from their own budgets. " - Lorette P., Buncombe County

"This is ridiculous taking a loan to fund colleges, parks, etc. " - Edward P., Buncombe County

"NO New Credit Card Debt until North Carolina government has resolved the $33 Billion in Unfunded Liability for health benefits for state retirees. " - William A., Burke County

"Thank you Representatives Pittman and Brody and Mrs. Lisa Carpenter Baldwin for taking this stand against wasteful government spending. It's wonderful to see that there are some in Raleigh who see the wrong and work to correct it." - Ronnie L., Cabarrus County

"Say no to debt and pet projects!" - Erik W., Wake County

"Stop the bond! We have already mortgaged the future of our children and grandchildren. Now we are talking about mortgaging the future of our great grandchildren. Shame, shame!!!!" - Phillip M., Buncombe County

"This ʺtransportationʺ bond has turned into a true barrel of pork. We need to stand together against this money grab." - Doug L., Johnston County

"Budget and pay as you go!!!" - Randy M., Davie County

"Bonds are taxes on our grandchildren and great grandchildren." - Brian I., Wake County

"This is the old saying from Popeye's ʺI will gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger todayʺ. The problem is Tuesday you will owe twice as much for that hamburger due to interest!" - David S., Davidson County

"Pay as you go, if needed!!!" - Roxane M., Davie County

"Is this the Agenda 21 growing in NC? Why are we borrowing money when there is a surplus?  " - Janette G., Rockingham County

"stop the damn spending" - Bruce M., McDowell County

"Wasteful. Irresponsible. Typical. " - John G., Craven County

"In this bond bamboozle the behavior of the various pigs at the trough--big business, bureaucrats, Chambers of Commerce, the educational mafia, faux conservatives--is sickening. ... The public is once again being lied to by the establishment, who will spend millions to convince voters that the bonds are magic money that you get for free. I am encouraged there will be some opposition to this legalized theft. " - Alex C., Forsyth County

"$ 2 Billion Bond is too high, too much for NC citizens to pay. Determine priority of what is an essential now! Parks, zoos, and Political Pet projects are not essentials. Provide justifications for Governor's Spending Spree! Governor has caused a 50 % reduction of income from the Commercial Fishing Industry for all Coastal Counties in Eastern NC. ... Not Representing the Majority of Folks that Voted for Governor Pat McCrory!!" - Myron S., Carteret County

"Kids are clearly not the priority with this bond. " - Sean L., Wake County

"Let us not follow the path of those who burden our children's future with debt." - Mark H., Wayne County

"Is that really a b in front of the illion? Are you kidding me? Absolutely not. " - Tricia M., Alamance County

"We don't need any more debt hanging over us or our future generations." - Carolyn B., Swain County

"If the bond only funded transportation infrastructure, I would support it. Where did the billions go from the higher ed bond... Chris Mele Pamlico Co. Commissioner " - Christine M., Pamlico County

"A vote for the bond issue is a vote against lowering taxes." - David A., Catawba County