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Debunking the Lies: Commissioners TRICKED by Bond Bait and Switch

Debunking the Lies: Commissioners TRICKED by Bond Bait and Switch

Bond proponents are touting the claim that commissioners across the state support their $2 billion bond debt proposal. However; many commissioners were tricked into supporting “Connect NC” under the guise of a transportation funding bill. In the following screenshot, we see Governor McCrory acknowledge that the reason commissioners supported the bond was because of the transportation funding that they thought it would provide:


It is important to know that all of the transportation funding was stripped from the bill and replaced with pork barrel spending. I repeat: there is NO transportation funding within the mis-direct NC UNC bond. Zero.

Pitt County Commissioners aren’t alone in being misled by the “transportation funding” guise. Haywood County Commissioners were scheduled to adopt a resolution in support of the “Connect NC” bond proposal. They changed their mind and shelved the resolution upon learning that all of the transportation funding had been removed from the bill at the last minute. See the video of that at the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=chyPz3nya94

One Haywood County constituent sent follow-up emails to the Haywood Commissioners to inquire who had written the mis-informed resolution and the reason that the commissioners mistakenly thought the bond contained transportation funding. County Manager Ira Dove responded,

“To start, last May Governor McCrory announced the plan for the bond to the NC County Commissioners Association at a meeting in Raleigh which was attended by both Commissioner Upton and me.  In addition, as both Haywood County Community College and Western Carolina stand to gain needed capital to make improvements to facilities,  Commissioners were made aware of their interests in the bond over the past several months.

The Bond Resolution was placed on the Agenda in the usual course of business. Proposed items are set forth before the Chair who decides which items will ultimately be on the Agenda. The Agenda is published by the close of business on the  Friday before the meeting. As County Manager, I take  responsibility for the text of this resolution as presented.”

Though the above correspondence doesn’t explicitly state from where the faulty information came, it is clear that Governor McCrory is pointed out as the individual who has been “informing” the commissioners regarding the Connect NC $2 billion bond debt proposal. Governor McCrory has conveniently neglected to contact North Carolina commissioners to correct the faulty information that he has fed them.

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  • Henderson County Commissioners were not only NOT tricked, they voted for a resolution 5-0 supporting this BEFORE public comments, in which I spoke against this. FIVE REPUBLICAN COMMISSIONERS. The same ones who just won the right to bribe a foreign company with $7 million of the working class’ money. And we wonder why Independents now match Republicans in Henderson County. The elephant of the Republican Party has been replaced by a gelding!

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